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Extended Services Group, LLC


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Experienced Tax Preparation Professionals in Bronx NY

Get the most out of your money and secure your financial future by working with the team at Extended Services Group, LLC. As financial professionals in Bronx, NY, we offer a variety of tax solutions to individuals and businesses throughout the area. Some of the specific tax preparation services we offer include:

• Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing
• Notary Service
• Tax Audit Assistance
• Amended Tax Returns
• Real Estate Services

• Payroll Services
• Self-Employment Tax
• Tax ID Number Application Preparation
• Copy/Print/Scan/Fax Services


As Extended Services Group, LLC customer, you have year round access to us. We are hear to help you ant time you have tax related questions or concerns.

To learn more about the tax services we have to offer or to discuss your current or prior year tax returns with our team, reach out to our office. We are always ready to answer your questions and provide you with the tax service support you need.

Complete Tax Solutions

Ensure you are ready for tax time by working with our experienced accounting professionals. We offer a variety of tax services covering everything from tax planning and consulting to tax preparation solutions for your annual return. When working on your annual returns, there are a number of documents that our team will typically need to prepare your file accurately. These documents include:

  • Proof of Identification (A Driver’s License or Any Other Government Issued Photo ID)
  • Social Security Cards for You, Your Spouse, and All Dependents, or a Social Security Number Verification Letter Issued by the Social Security Administration
  • Proof of Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) — If You, Your Spouse, or Your Dependents Are Not Eligible for a Social Security Number, You May Need to Obtain an ITIN (Which We Can Help You Obtain)
  • Birthdates for You, Your Spouse, and All Dependents That Will Be on the Tax Return
  • Wages and Earnings from All Employers (W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, etc.)
  • Form 1099-Interest and Dividend Statements from Banks
  • Copy of Last Year's Federal and State Returns
  • Total Amount Paid To a Daycare Provider or Babysitter and Their Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number
  • For Individuals Who Are Married and Filing Jointly, Both Spouses Must Be Present to Sign All Required Forms
Tax Form

Professional Notary Services

In addition to our complete tax preparation services, our team also provides notary services to our clients. Typically, any legal document that needs to be signed will need to be notarized to verify that all parties have freely and willingly signed the document. As a notary public, we will act as an unbiased third-party witness to the signing and then apply our signature and stamp to verify the document.